High School Pilot: Paw Paw High School

The Education Alliance, in collaboration with the College Foundation of West Virginia, the West Virginia State Treasurer’s Office, West Virginia Bankers Association, and the West Virginia Department of Education is partnering with three West Virginia high schools to pilot a financial literacy program. The goal of the pilot will be to assist schools in the identification of tools and strategies that will strengthen their students’ financial capability.

In Their Own Words…

Paw Paw High School
Morgan County

The administration, teachers, and staff at Paw Paw Schools are extremely dedicated to providing academic, social, and emotional learning for all students every day. We believe all students can learn and that the measure of student success is determined by student growth. Parents and guardians, businesses, and community members are all valued and respected partners in education. This 2018 Financial Literacy High School Pilot program will allow us to expand on these concepts for the students of Paw Paw across curricula for financial literacy, economics, environmental science, mathematics, technology, music performance, and community outreach to engage students and help them gain new knowledge and experiences through the collection and recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Paw Paw High School will use this pilot financial literacy grant to begin a student-run non-profit booster club to fund an after-school “Paw Paw Pirate School of Rock” program. Students will elect officers and hold regular weekly meetings before rehearsals; however, every student will act as a “Treasurer” and be responsible for budgeting, checkbook balancing and accounting, and bookkeeping for the club, as well as watching the stock market to know when to haul in their scrap in exchange for the biggest return. Students will research and compare pricing for scrap metal receptacles to place around town (for the collection of aluminum cans), and a trailer for hauling in larger scrap metal items (such as appliances). Students will speak with local business owners and organizations to set up receptacles for donations of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as advertise collection sites in local and regional news outlets. The money generated from the recycling effort will then be used to buy instruments and recording equipment for their after-school music program.

Paw Paw Schools is excited to offer this opportunity for the young Paw Paw Pirate “Treasurers” to learn financial literacy through the environmentally conscious and responsible act of recycling and to help spread the word about the importance of financial literacy and recycling throughout the community with their upcoming musical performances!

– Robert Wallace, Paw Paw High School

For more information about the high school pilot, contact Rob Bobbera at: rob@educationalliance.org