High School Pilot: Meadow Bridge High School

The Education Alliance, in collaboration with the College Foundation of West Virginia, the West Virginia State Treasurer’s Office, West Virginia Bankers Association, and the West Virginia Department of Education is partnering with three West Virginia high schools to pilot a financial literacy program. The goal of the pilot will be to assist schools in the identification of tools and strategies that will strengthen their students’ financial capability.

In Their Own Words…

Meadow Bridge High School
Fayette County

Meadow Bridge High School is a small, rural, community school located in Fayette County. It consists of grades seven through twelve with an average enrollment of 34 students per grade. Each year the student body completes a culture/climate survey and each year the number one request remains the same: Make Education Relevant to Students’ Current Lives. The surveys also prove the majority of students do not understand interest rates of credit cards and loans, the importance of a high credit score, or the concept of only accepting the minimum amount of student loans offered. The Make Cents WV program lesson plans will be added to the current Advisor/Advisee and Math curriculum. It is the hope of our school to offer our students a rigorous academic curriculum while teaching skills that will apply to the everyday lives of students. This program will assist us in providing opportunities to teach concepts such as financial goal-setting, comparison-shopping techniques, saving strategies, behavioral finance strategies and the power of compound interest producing the desired outcome the faculty wishes for our students, feeling confident in financial literacy.

– Stacy White, Principal, Meadow Bridge High School

For more information about the high school pilot, contact Rob Bobbera at: rob@educationalliance.org