Give the gift of an Education

This holiday season, give the children you care about the lifelong gift of higher education. Gifting money for a SMART529 savings account is now easier than ever with the new Gift of College gift card program. Gift of College is an online gift registry program that allows family and friends to contribute toward higher education. Each Gift of College gift … Read More

West Virginia Money Smart Week

A full week of opportunities to increase your financial literacy. Money Smart Week 2017 begins on Saturday, April 22nd and ends on Saturday April 29th. The idea of Money Smart Week began in 2001 as a coordinated effort by a diverse group of more than 40 Chicago-area organizations working together to promote personal financial literacy. The Chicago Federal Reserve Bank … Read More

The Importance of Saving Money

You should always start saving money early and as often as you can. Earning an allowance for chores is a good way to become responsible with money. Some of the money you earn should be set aside for short-term savings. These funds can be used to purchase games, toys and candy. You should also set aside funds for long-term savings. … Read More

When I Grow Up contest enters 10th year

How old were you when you knew what you wanted to be when you grew up? Well, it is time for kids in West Virginia to start thinking about that age-old question by participating in the 10th Annual When I Grow Up essay contest, sponsored by SMART529 and the State Treasurer’s Office. This annual essay contest gives kindergarten through fifth … Read More

Welcome to MakeCentsWV!

Make Cents WV - Financial Literacy

Thank you for visiting the site. We hope that this site will provide you with valuable information, resources, and materials on financial literacy. According to The Institute for College Access Success, 69% of WV college seniors are graduating According to The Institute for College Access Success, 69% of WV college seniors are graduating with student loan debt with an average … Read More