A Unique Opportunity to Increase Financial Literacy

Finding ways to stretch a budget can take a little creativity. Discover practical, real-life steps to creating your personal financial plan at the West Virginia Treasury Money Conference this September in Martinsburg, sponsored by the office of State Treasurer John Perdue.
Whether you’re a recent graduate just starting to handle your own finances for the first time; someone looking for better ways to stretch your monthly budget; or a retiree who just wants new ways to handle your personal financial plan, this conference is for you.
The West Virginia Treasury Money Conference is a free opportunity to learn about financial planning, household budgets, and investing for retirement. Again, it’s free. You just need to register.
It is never too late to learn and make sound financial decisions. As adults, our financial needs constantly change as our lives change. Growing families, career changes and planning for retirement all impact the decisions we make.
Treasurer Perdue’s conferences have helped thousands take back control of their personal finances.
During this one-day conference, Dee Lee, a certified financial planner, financial educator, and author of seven books will show you how to develop your personal financial guide.
SUBHEAD: How do I register?
The event will take place from 9:15 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday, Sept. 21, at the Holiday Inn in Martinsburg. Check-in and registration will begin at 8:30 a.m., which will also include a continental breakfast.
To learn more about the event or to register, go to www.wvtreasury.com or call 304-341-0739.
Register now! The first 100 people who do will receive a free copy of Lee’s book “Money: Your Personal Financial Guide.”